Our Story: The Vision of Viax3D

Every groundbreaking innovation has a story, and Viax3D is no exception. Behind this innovative CAD/CAM and 3D-printed guided technology for precise IPR lies a journey of vision, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We aim to streamline orthodontic workflows and simplify IPR for truly precise and effortless results.

The Vision Takes Shape

The journey began with a vision shared by a team of passionate dental professionals and innovators. They envisioned a technology that would radically improve and simplify IPR for greater precision and patient comfort. This vision served as the driving force behind Viax3D.

Collaboration with Experts

To turn the vision into reality, Viax Dental Technologies teamed up with leading experts in the field, including Dr. Lou Shuman, CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group. Their combined knowledge and experience laid the foundation for what would become Viax3D.

How Does Viax3DWork?
Unlocking Precision in IPR

Design Software

Viax3D’s software allows you to plan and visualize the required IPR reductions for each case, ensuring precise execution.

Patient-Specific Guides

Our 3D-printed guides ensure that IPR is carried out with total accuracy with respect to the treatment plan.

Unique Handpiece

The ingenious Viax3D handpiece seamlessly interlocks with the treatment guides, guiding the dentist’s hand to perform IPR with micron accuracy.

Check Out Viax3D In Action