Viax3D: Transforming IPR Management in Dentistry

Viax3D:Transforming IPR Management in Dentistry Diving into the intricacies of IPR within the dental field reveals challenges inherent in conventional methods. Achieving consistent accuracy in these traditional approaches often proves to be a challenge, particularly when attempting to maintain point contacts. In addressing these challenges, Viax3D emerges as a practical alternative, offering a distinct and […]

Revolutionizing Orthodontics: Viax3D’s Seamless Compatibility

Revolutionizing Orthodontics:Viax3D’s Seamless Compatibility In the dynamic world of orthodontics, precision and compatibility are paramount. Viax3D emerges as a groundbreaking CAD/CAM and 3D-printed guided solution, setting a new standard for truly precise IPR procedures. This advanced technology not only signifies innovation but also offers seamless compatibility with any orthodontic treatment, revolutionizing the landscape for both […]

Behind the Technology: Unveiling the Science of Viax3D Burs

Behind the technology:Unveiling the Science of Viax3D Burs In the intricate world of orthodontics, precision and innovation go hand in hand. Among the many groundbreaking tools reshaping the landscape, the Viax3D Burs stand out as a pinnacle of technological advancement. But what exactly makes these burs a game-changer? Let’s dive into the science behind the […]

Streamlining Orthodontics: Empowering Dental Professionals

Streamlining Orthodontics:Empowering Dental Professionals Today, we’re excited to share inspiring success stories that showcase the transformative power of Viax3D, our innovative CAD/CAM and 3D printed guided technology for precise IPR. These stories are a testament to how Viax3D is changing the orthodontic game for dentists worldwide. Viax3D was designed with one goal in mind: to […]