Unlocking Excellence in IPR with Viax3D

What is Viax3D, and how does it contribute to the future of IPR?

Viax3D is an innovative CAD/CAM and 3D-printed guided technology designed for precise interproximal reductions (IPR). It represents the future of IPR as it maximizes precision, enhances efficiency, and improves the patient experience.

What sets Viax3D apart from traditional IPR methods?

Viax3D utilizes 3D-printed guides and specially crafted burs to streamline IPR, ensuring unmatched accuracy and precision while easily maintaining point contacts. It’s a no-brainer! Dentists no longer have to struggle to maintain point contacts and achieve accurate free-handed results. The discomfort of the movement and noise of traditional methods is a thing of the past. 

Can Viax3D improve the efficiency of dental practices?

Absolutely! Viax3D streamlines procedures, saving time for both dentists and patients. Its integration into digital orthodontic treatment plans enhances efficiency, optimizing for productivity and patient comfort.