Viax3D vs. Traditional IPR: Precision Redefined

Precision and Consistency

Efficiency and Streamlined Workflow

Patient Comfort

Digital Orthodontic Plans

1. Precision and Consistency

Traditional IPR: Traditional methods may struggle with achieving consistent accuracy and maintaining point contacts. The manual nature of the process can lead to variations in results.

Viax3D: Viax3D utilizes 3D-printed guides and specially crafted burs to streamline IPR, ensuring unmatched precision and consistent outcomes. Dentists can achieve precise reductions that were once considered difficult to achieve.

2. Efficiency and Streamlined Workflow

Traditional IPR: Traditional methods often require more time and may involve multiple steps, which can be time-consuming for both dentists and patients.

Viax3D: Viax3D streamlines procedures, saving valuable time for both dental professionals and patients. Integration into digital orthodontic treatment plans enhances the efficiency of the entire process.